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Why go Car Free and Care Free


You can enjoy new views of the landscape, without any worry about driving or parking and enjoy a pint or glass of wine with your lunch.


You will be reducing your carbon footprint, supporting local bus and train services and reducing traffic. By not needing to get back to a car you can also create different walking opportunities.


You may also get a discount simply by showing a valid bus or train ticket.


So what can the bus and train do for you?;


  • If you do not have a car, you can use alternative transport


  • You can enjoy a glass of wine or beer without worrying about driving


  • You can do a linear walk without needing to return to your car


  • Views from buses (especially double deckers) and trains are sometimes quite stunning


  • You can chat, share a drink or eat a sandwich on the train


  • It is usually less stressful and you do not need to worry if there are any car parking spaces (including the cost of parking)


  • You will reduce your carbon footprint, which you may feel good about


  • You can help to reduce local environmental problems such as air    pollution and traffic noise


  • You may get discounts


  • You can be more sociable on a bus or train, so you may meet new friends


  • You will not be putting any wear or tear onto your car, so save it for when you really need it.


  • If you get tired, just have a nap on the bus or train


  • For longer journeys you may wish to read a book or newspaper


  • No road rage or parking costs


  • No problems parking


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