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Hastings to Lydd

Stagecoach bus 100 'The Wave'

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The Stagecoach Buses are excellent for visiting pubs between Hastings (East Sussex) and Lydd (Kent). There are pubs listed below and the buses run on all days of the week affording excellent views during your trip.


It is always worth checking the pub web sites and review sites before you decide where to try, but each will have its own attraction or feature in any case.


The pub may be part of a day out and the column to the right helps you plan walks, visit attractions or events. Some of these pubs provide overnight accommodation, so why not make it a short break? Some are right next to a bus stop and others are a mile or so away. It is also possible to visit two or more and get a great walk in between using local rights of way - Enjoy!


Click for the bus timetable or visit traveline for all your travel details


Bus routes 102 and 103 go further towards Dover collectively known as 'The Wave' and they can be found on the East Sussex interactive bus web site.


100 'The Wave' Pubs By Bus



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Events & attractions







Ordnance Survey Map






Link to ordnace survey


Use this map to find and create walks using rifghts of way from the bus route.