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Drive less, enjoy more!


Pubs By Bus helps you visit pubs in Sussex without a car.


It is easy to do, care free and can be turned into a bit of an adventure. One bus will drive you to your chosen pub and you will see more, avoid stress and drink safely.


The menus above help you find your pub, with maps and timetables a simple click away. Free colouring in downloads might help keep the little ones entertained!



Did you know?


The Schooner Inn is the best pub in Southwick


The Southern Pavillion cafe is out at sea!


Pebbles on the Port is a secret waterside patio


There's a cliff top garden at Telscombe Cliffs


The Hope Inn is Newhaven's best Pub


Discover more with Pubs By Bus

Supported by:

Schooner Pier Cafe

Southern Pavilion cafe / bar, Worthing Pier


The Moon, Storrington

The Schooner Inn, Southwick



Brighton Buses £9 family and other M tickets


Stagecoach £12 Family Day Rider (East Sussex and Kent ONLY) - From the bus


Family £16 Discovery ticket for most operators

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